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If, like many people, you have been engaging in conversations with your loved ones, friends and strangers about the Covid narrative and have been searching for reliable information, in an easy-to-consume format, you are in the right place.

Our intention is to take the varied and sometimes complex information and summarise “In a Nutshell” – a format that provides an explanation for a statement and referenced links to support the initial statement; or “Debating Points” – scripts that contain key statements, referenced links¬† and statements to counter common objections, so that this information can be easily digested by the average person and presented in conversations with friends, colleagues or on social media either in person or online.

The information we provide is peer reviewed, categorised and condensed into the points to enable you to explore in the facts behind the Covid story.


Each "In a Nutshell" document takes a Covid-related statement or question and explains it with a concise series of facts and references making it easy for you to get the data you need to have informed and effective conversations.

The purpose of each "In a Nutshell" is not to give a complete picture, but to give the recipient just enough information to cause him or her to question their current beliefs and to enquire further,

The "In a Nutshell" are categorised using topic tags such as Lockdowns, Masks, Testing, Vaccines, Risk from Covid, Children and more. Click on a tag to find more "In a Nutshells" on the same topic.

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Each "Debating Points" script gives you the essential facts, data, arguments and potential objections to topics within the Covid narrative.

The "Debating Points" are a deeper dive than an "In a Nutshell" documents and include additional resources such as memes, videos and related stories which add weight and appeal to your argument. when exposing the truth about Covid.

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Young people and children and coronavirus lockdowns

Children, Lockdown

Children and young people have a right to pursue life, liberty, learning, leisure, love and laughter.  Article 3 of the...

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What is the real risk from Covid-19?

Coronavirus, Covid 19, Covid Risk, Death Rate

What is the true risk of dying from Covid rather than “within 28 days of a positive Drosten-PCR test result”?...

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Do lockdowns work?


Lockdowns have never been tried before – prior to 2020 they had never featured in any WHO pandemic-preparedness scenarios. They...

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