About us

The Scriptbook is a written, edited and managed by a group of concerned individuals who, like many, have recognised that the Covid 19 narrative being promoted by world governments and mainstream media is largely a fear-based campaign based on partial or misleading information.

While we come from varied backgrounds including education, healthcare, personal development and business we do not purport to be experts or scientists. We do endeavour to provide accurate, referenced information from creditable sources (see the Other Organisations & Resources page) that may provide an alternative viewpoint which enables you to make up your own mind.

The Scriptbook is part of the Reaching People initiative which aims to provide tools for people, many of whom have expressed concern about not being able to effectively articulate their concerns to family, friends and their wider communities, or feel that they don’t know the relevant facts to present. As part of this initiative, the In a Nutshell documents and The Debating Points┬ácan help by providing condensed information which can be shared directly or used as a reference script when discussing Covid 19-related issues in conversations with friends, family or on social media.

In a Nutshell: these are concise documents on specific topics based on a format developed by Yoni Cohen-Idov, World Universities Debating Champion, 2010, consisting of a key statement or question, followed by generally 3 or 4 points to explain the statement or question with examples and a link to further information, and a summary.

The Debating Points: these are scripts that focus on a specific topic and are more expansive than the nutshell documents including key facts and links, myths and common objections, videos, stories, memes and more.

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If you would like to join the team – we hold a weekly one-hour online meeting – and can contribute writing, editing or web-editing experience please complete the Contact Us form.

The material and information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. You should not rely on the material or information on the website as a basis for making any health, business, legal or any other decisions.