Are children being coerced into getting a Covid vaccine?


The Covid vaccines have been given temporary emergency authorisation by authorities including the UK Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA). But the pandemic is not an emergency for children.

There are serious Covid vaccine adverse effects in children in the US, Israel and Europe. The manufacturers have been granted protection from liability for harm. Medical insurance does not cover for Covid vaccine injury. It is far from clear that a decision to give children a Covid vaccine is an ethical one.

There have been a number of examples where media has given misleading information to the public and to children. After complaints, details have been corrected. But people often believe what they hear first. Programmes and news have already aired. Many will have absorbed the content.

Key Points & Evidence

Everything the BBC “forgot” to tell under 30’s that they need to know about the Covid Vaccines, Daily Expose, 1 June 2021

How many children saw Professor Devi Sridhar claim on CBBC newsround, "so far trials have shown the vaccines are 100% safe for children"? No pharmaceutical product that has ever been made is 100% safe. Was this an error resulting from ignorance?


All risk, zero benefit, PANDA, June 2021

How many people are looking at the risks of the vaccine?


"Are Vaccines Safe?" 23 April 2021.

This presentation for schools, prepared by the Stephen Hawking Foundation, is an example of the techniques being used to influence children's behaviour. If you look at slide 24 you will see two embedded commands in the yellow box: 'get the vaccine' and 'protect your family and friends.' The inverted message is of social responsibility; you are stopping society open up if you don't get the vaccine. Then there is another distracting statement:

“Worryingly, new data shows that long COVID is affecting both children and adolescents.”

The accompanying comment for teachers does not support this: “The data suggest that 13% of under 11s and about 15% of 12- to 16-year-olds reported at least one symptom five weeks after a confirmed Covid-19 infection. ONS samples households randomly, therefore positive cases do not depend on having had symptoms and being tested.” There is no context for the severity of 'symptom' or 'infection'. Indeed it says cases do not depend on symptoms or being tested.


"Encouraging vaccine take-up among younger people."

Local government policy without risk analysis. See the links to the three-step guide, behavioural insights case studies and guide (referencing the MINDSPACE document below).


"MINDSPACE. Influencing Behaviour through Public Policy". The Cabinet Office

This government document gives a summary of the acronym on page 18 and reference 263 states, "These cues act on people without their conscious knowledge; indeed, people actively resist the suggestion that their actions are being influenced.”



As the MINDSPACE document says, “Children… are usually seen as not wholly
capable of making effective decisions about their own welfare…attempting to change the behaviour of these groups may be controversial.”

It is therefore the responsibility of adults to consider the true benefit and risk and act in their best interest.

Posted: 1st July 2021

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