Is the media giving us the true picture on Covid?


Main stream media appear to be slanted in its presentation of data and facts regarding Covid.


There has been a rise of what is known as ‘narratives’, this is the process of a slanted theme and tone running through stories rather than being objective in its coverage.


This is largely the result of corporate interests using the media as an advanced form of brand management and marketing. Governments have also become large purchases of advertising. They are effectively using the media as another mouthpiece. This is problematic as one of the roles of the media is to keep checks on the governments.

Key Points & Evidence

1. This hard-hitting Ted Talk from an award-winning journalist how the media is slanted in its reporting and uses narratives.

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada


2. Ofcom has placed restrictions on media broadcasting around Covid. Channels that have aired interviews with those challenging the narrative have received censorship.


3. This video shows a very large number of people on the London March 26/04/2021 yet it was barely mentioned by BBC. In other segments they mention hundreds of people.


4. Even the New York Post showed how CBS was using footage from Italy and stating it was from New York.



Conclusion: We are now in a situation where it is not possible to believe what we see in the media. A discerning eye must be cast when viewing to question the information. With the main stream media it is even more problematic as they appear to be operating to an agenda which is governed by the corporate interests that own and govern the media companies.

Posted: 29th June 2021

Tagged: Media Narrative

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