What is the Nuremberg Code and why is it relevant now?


It is commonly believed that the Nuremberg Code came into being after WW2, to prevent experiments, like those carried out by Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, ever happening again. The principles in fact preceded the war. Today the code is one of the foundational documents influencing the Good Clinical Practice (GCP). If we are to learn from history, can we take for granted that these principles are being followed when considering the Covid-19 vaccine roll-outs

1. Voluntary consent is essential.
Comment: a mass advertising campaign funded from taxpayer money involving celebrity endorsement, coercion and guilt – based on the MINDSPACE document. This cannot be constituted “voluntary consent”.

2. The results of any experiment must be for the greater good of society.
Comment: it became apparent early on in the outbreak of Covid that the fatality rate of the virus is just .03% (less than a quarter of 1%). Yes the Covid-19 vaccines touted as the only way out of the pandemic remain in trial until 2023 and adverse events are still being reported.

3. Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation.
Comment: none of the new covid / mRNA vaccines have been tested on animals.  All trails of first-phase coronavirus vaccines in the last 20 years resulted in all the animals dying from the cytokine storm effect (the vaccine drove the virus deeper into the system so that on later contact with the virus, the animals died).

4. Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury.
Comment: the swine flu vaccine was withdrawn after 53 documented deaths.  Public health data reported to the UK MHRA Yellow Card system, the US VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and the EU’s Eudravigilance databases now document thousands of deaths (based on a mere 1% reporting rate) and significant injuries into the millions.

5. No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability.
Comment: the reports show death/disability

6. The risks should never exceed the benefits.
Comment: for risk benefit ratio is different in different sectors of society

7. Adequate facilities should be used to protect subjects.
Comment: members of the public are sent home with little advice regarding how to report adverse events.

8. Experiments should be conducted only by qualified scientists.
Comment: many  Covid-19 vaccine centres are using non-medically qualified volunteers who have only undertaken a few hours training.

9. Subjects should be able to end their participation at any time.
Comment: within a few months of the first and second doses (with no adequate time to assess the effects) booster programmes are already being rolled out.

10. The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur.
Comment: where is the evidence of checks and balances?

Key Points & Evidence

The 10 points of The Nuremberg Code from the New England Medical Journal.

Read more...nejm.org

The article, Nuremberg, 1947, by the Brownstone Institute discusses how, 'in the face of the novel coronavirus, and the fears generated by media propaganda, the principle of free and informed consent was once again abandoned. The most egregious, but by no means the only, example was vaccine mandates enacted while the vaccines were still under emergency-use authorization, and, thus, by our federal government’s own definition, "experimental”.'

Read more...brownstone.org

The HART Group detail correspondence sent to the General Medial Council (GMC), JCVI (Joint Council on Vaccination and Immunisation) and MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) with specific questions about potential breaches of good medical practice guidance. In its response, the GMC clearly agrees with the HART Group's view that the requirements for decision making and obtaining informed consent are the same, regardless of whether this is a vaccine or any other medicine or medical procedure. The reply states, “discussions should be tailored to each individual patient".

Read more...hartgroup.org

Voluntary consent cannot be considered to have been given when that consent is based on coercion, persuasion and in cases bribery ranging from doughnuts, raffle payments to "compensation" packages.

Read more...childrenshealthdefense.org

Tony Blair, an former politician, founder of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (which is funded by the Gates Foundation) in an interview with Andrew Marr on 6 June, represents a trending popular view that ‘we may have to distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated’ and ‘adjust some of the freedoms’ of the latter ‘because of the rising pressure from new variants’. This is a contravention of Nuremberg Code tenets 1: Voluntary consent is essential; and 9: Subjects should be able to end their participation at any time.

Read more...hartgroup.org


Taking into account the tenets of The Nuremberg Code which form the foundation of its own tenets of “Good Clinical Practice”, has the GMC’s statement been followed?  Are non-medically qualified individuals equipped to either provide advice or able to adequately assess an individual’s risk?  If not does this suggest a worrying contravention of the tenets of The Nuremberg Code?