When is a Covid death not a Covid death?


In 2020, family doctor and former Minnesota Senator, Scott Jensen, went public to explain that in the early months of the pandemic, he had received an email from the Minnesota state government, informing medical practitioners that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had issued new global guidance on how deaths were to be certified.

Up until then, cause of death had not generally been attributed to a single cause. For example, deaths from cancer were historically categorised as “due to complications from cancer”.  Since 2020, however, any patient entering hospital for any reason, including, in some cases, gunshot wounds, is subject to a PCR test (see Nutshell on PCR Tests).

Originally invented by Kary Mullis, who died just before the Covid-19 outbreak, the test was not intended to diagnose viral illness. The Drosten version of the test, moreover, was not based on the real virus (as of June 2021, the US CDC admitted that there was no ‘Gold Standard’ for the isolation of any virus) but from a modelled or coded version of the virus.

So, patients admitted to hospital who have a positive test result and who later die, even if they have already left hospital, are categorised as having died “within 28 days of positive test” or “with covid”.

Key Points & Evidence

Minnesota State Senator reports that doctors were receiving instructions from the Minnesota Department of Health to report Covid-19 as a cause of death, even if the patient was never tested.

Senator Jensen, who is also a practising physician, said he had never before in his thirty-five-year career received specific instructions on how to fill out a death certificate.

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The charts ("Covid-19 in proportion) here provide a simple way of viewing COVID-19 deaths in proportion to other deaths.

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In his blog post, "COVID 19, hidden figures and OODA", Dr Malcolm Kendrick, 20th March 2021 states: "Even if you truly have Covid-19, then die, how do we know if the main cause of death was Covid-19, or something else? I have seen terminally ill patients close to death from cancer, or suchlike, who have had a positive swab. They then died, and they became another ‘COVID-19 death.’ Really? Is that what killed them?"

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"FOI Request: Covid-19 deaths with no underlying health condition," World Doctors Alliance, 8 December 2020

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CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has made an astounding acknowledgment when she said that “many, many hospitals” were including cases that were not COVID-19 related deaths in their virus death counts.

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New guidelines from the WHO in 2020 required that, in a departure from all previous convention, recording of deaths would be dependent on a test – the Drosten PCR test.

In the UK NHS, a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests have shown that PCR testing is run at a cycle threshold (CT) of 40 rather than the recommended 25. This leads to an extremely high incidence – 60-94% – of false-positive results.  Deaths recorded as “with Covid”, based on the PCR test, may then not bed deaths from Covid.