Are PCR tests fit for purpose?


It has been established that the PCR test should not be used as a diagnostic tool – the test was not designed for virus detection.

Increased cycle settings (above a cycle rate above 24)  will return a large volume of false positive results.

The following points demonstrate the need for urgent review of the use of PCR tests.


Key Points & Evidence

1) 22 Experts completed an external peer review of Drosten’s (inventor of PCR test for Covid 19) and concluded that there are 10 major flaws in the test which render it useless and requested the retraction of test.


2) The Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR Test (Kary Mullis) clearly explained how the PCR test cannot be used to test for a virus. He also clearly explained how the tests could be manipulated.


3) WHO and Fauci acknowledge that the PCR tests are "scientifically" useless; tests run at higher cycle rates above 25 cannot distinguish between whole (infectious) viruses and dead fragments possibly resulting from an old infection.
NB: The NHS applied a cycle rate of 45 rendering the results worthless.


4) The WHO has issued advice explaining it is not to be used without including symptom diagnosis which would result in removing most, if not all of the asymptomatic cases.


5) The test was ruled in a court of law in Portugal as being inadequate to confirm a diagnosis. It was not deemed legitimate to enforce laws or detainment.



In conclusion, the PCR test must be removed from use. A case should only be created from a doctor’s consultation with a patient to assess their symptoms, as per the usual procedure prior to Covid 19.

Pause for Thought:

Given that all government policy on declaring a pandemic, enforcing lockdowns, social distancing and mass vaccinations has been determined on data produced by PCR tests not fit for purpose, what does this mean?

Posted: 14th April 2021

Tagged: Testing

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