Can Covid-19 be treated and prevented without a vaccine?


Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc, Ivermectin and natural vitamin supplements, in particular Vitamin D and Vitamin C, have been shown to prevent and treat coronavirus.

Yet evidence of the effectiveness of these treatments has been suppressed in order to promote the global roll-out of new technology vaccines.

In Spring 2020, a New York study led by Dr Zev Zelenko, submitted for peer review, found that early intervention treatment of risk-stratified-COVID-19 patients (outpatients), with low dose HCQ, zinc and azithromycin, resulted in five times less hospitalizations and deaths.  Similar results were later presented by US doctor, Simone Gold, who went on to found American’s Frontline Doctors, treating her patients with early intervention (within 48-hours) HCQ and zinc; and Dr Judy Mikovits PhD., biochemist and former research scientist for the US National Cancer Institute, who also promotes treatment with interferon B, intravenous vitamin C and vitamin D.


Key Points & Evidence

"Dr. Stella Immanuel says hydroxychloroquine works for treating, curing COVID-19", Natural News, 29 July 2020.


"Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis (prevention) and Treatment of COVID-19",Kory, Pierre MD1; Meduri, Gianfranco Umberto MD2; Varon, Joseph MD3; Iglesias, Jose DO4; Marik, Paul E. MD5


"More Good News on Ivermectin", 21 May 2021, Dr Tess Lawrie, British / South African Director of the Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy in Bath


"The drug that cracked Covid", Organic Consumers Association, 21 May 2021. Four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Michael Capuzzo on the widely available and inexpensive anti-parasite drug, Ivermectin, which has prevented and cured hundreds of thousands of deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 across the world.


"Vitamin D - take control of your life", Dr Joseph Mercola, 4 May 2021. Evidence for supplementation with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, N-Acetyl Carnitine (NAC) and remedies have been systematically suppressed



Proven, safe, effective treatments including early intervention Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc, Ivermectin, Azithromycin and Interferon B, including Vitamin D supplementation, Vitamin C, have all been shown in multiple studies to both prevent the contraction of, and importantly, prevent hospitalisation from the disease COVID-19, in favour  of the roll-out of warp-speed development of novel mRNA inoculations that remain in trial until 2023.

Ivermectin is the subject of a horror show of a global disinformation campaign… nothing to do with science. Because it will disturb, interrupt, if not stop this global vaccination campaign. I’m sorry but that is my scientific opinion. I don’t want to be out here talking about this. I just want to be in the ICU treating my patients. But I have to.”  – Dr. Pierre Kory

Posted: 29th June 2021

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